Alkalising the Montelimar way

A couple of weekends ago Tim gave the talk in Masachappa Congregation.  It was his first ‘away’ talk in Spanish and went really well.  We had to leave home early as it is a good hours drive from us and the meeting started at 9:00.  Along the way we gave a lift to half a dozen men who were going to the market in San Rafael to sell avocados.  The advantage of having a pick-up is they could all pile into the back, baskets and all.  We dropped them off and were paid with a big bag of fresh avocados.

Some of the Brothers and Sisters in the Masachappa Congregation

After the meeting we went out for lunch and then went on to Montelimar, just a couple of miles down the road.  Here there is a large hotel and beach resort and having heard good reports about it we thought we would go and have a look – it was certainly worth it. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon by a beautiful pool, under the shade of palm trees, it couldn’t have been better.

A pool-side view at Hotel Barcelo, Montelimar

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that our young neighbour Diederich came too.  He had been to the beach with us before and paddled in the sea, but never before had he ben in a pool, nor could he swim.  Thankfully I had gone fully prepared to make the most of the day and had packed a cossie.

At first Diederich was nervous of the water, but it was amazing to see how rapidly his confidence grew and by the end of the afternoon he was launching himself off the side of the pool into the water, still unable to swim but trusting I would pull him up.

Fun in the pool

On our way back we stopped by the ice cream shop in San Rafael and had an ‘Eskimo,’ you can’t go to the beach and not have one…can you?

My purpose in telling you this is really not to make you jealous of our amazing life here – but to highlight something interesting I discovered at the end of the day when we got home. Despite the fact we had got up early, travelled, visited a new congregation where we didn’t know anyone, conversed all day in a foreign language, got anxious over Tim giving the talk, eaten a typical non-alkaline Nicaraguan lunch and had ice cream – all things that can cause the body to become acidic – when we arrived home I tested my acidity and was very surprised to find I was actually still alkaline at 7.5 pH.

So my conclusion? Well, they say that heat is alkalising, and it certainly was a hot day – positive, happy emotions are also alkalising to the body, and I absolutely loved the day and had such a lot of fun. Therefore my conclusion is that, as they say, stress and negative emotions have a negative effect on the body, causing the tissues to become acidic, whereas positive happy emotions really do have a good effect on the body.  So if you absolutely have to have an ice cream, enjoy it, the effects on your body are going to be better than if you feel racked with guilt with every lick.

Living the 80/20 way means having fun and enjoying life to the full, we do that best when the body is alkaline, so obviously what we eat and drink will make a difference, but don’t underestimate the damaging effects of a stressful life and negative emotions.

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