Why 80/20?

Under the Mango Tree

Some things in life leave a lasting impression on us, that was the case with a article I read in Awake! magazine 25 years ago entitled: ‘Time – Are you Its Master or Its Slave?’ (g87 12/8 pp.24-27) In it I learned for the first time about the Pareto Principal or the 80/20 Rule.

Said Awake!:

This principle was formulated by the 19th-century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. It states that only about 20 percent of the causes produce about 80 percent of the results. If you are alert, you may discover that there are a number of situations in everyday life where Pareto’s principle applies.

After that I was hooked.  How could I get more out of my life, energy, resources etc. by actually using less, thus giving me more to use for other things?

80/20 is essentially not about balance, that would be 50/50.  How many of us are trying to achieve balance in life and how often do we hear talk of ‘work/life balance?’ Yet the reality is this apparent balance is leading to more stress and the feeling of being on the treadmill of life, instead of freeing people up to achieve the things in life that mean the most to them.

80/20 is more to do with getting the most out of our life by using our time, energy, resources, emotions etc. in a flexible way.  Just as a tree becomes stronger by being more flexible, we too can become stronger by applying the flexible principals of the 80/20 Rule.

We hope you will have as much fun applying the 80/20 Rule as we are, please let us know of your experiences. Look out for further posts on realistic ways to apply it in everyday life, especially in our diet.

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