Fruit Smoothies and Super Skin

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit receives very mixed reviews – some highly for and some avidly against eating it, but, at the end of the day I am going to leave you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions – and obviously suggest you not only listen carefully to what your body is telling you, but that you don’t go over the top, too much of any one thing is not good.

Fruit here in Nicaragua grows in abundance and many times a week we are given fruit by neighbours and those we call on.  I naturally therefore started to think of ways that we could benefit from it and still try and maintain as alkaline way of life as possible.

Traditionally a fruit smoothie contains things like yoghurt, bananas, honey, even peanut butter – besides the fruit of choice. The problem with these is that all of the former things are acid forming.  Fruits naturally contain sugars in the form of fructose which too is acid forming on the body.

To achieve the creamy consistency of a smoothie without the acid forming ingredients is made by using avocados and/or almond milk, both of which have an alkaline effect on the body.

All you do is add the ingredients to your blender and whizz until smooth. The smoothie above is made largely from pineapple with a little mango and a whole, large avocado.

Raspberry and Almond Milk Power Smoothie

Raspberry and Almond Milk Power Smoothie

This Power Smoothie was made with frozen raspberries, almond milk and TNT (to give me the extra boost of energy I needed for the day.)

Papaya and Pineapple Alkaline Smoothie

Papaya and Pineapple Alkaline Smoothie

To combat the over sweetness of the papaya and pineapple I added the juice of a large lemon along with a large avocado to make this delicious tropical smoothie.

The making of a smoothie is not an exact science, hence I’ve not put quantities. Depending on how thick you like your drink will depend on how much water you add to the blender. About a cup of almond milk per person is a good guide and/or half an avocado, to these add your favourite fruits and blend away. Other additions can also be made like some natural vanilla, powdered cinnamon or ginger.

Super Skin

The connection with fruit smoothies and super skin quality will be revealed very shortly, but firstly I would just like to touch on the obvious link between what we put in out mouth and our overall health. Since we truly are what we eat (and drink), unless we put in sufficient high quality, nutritious food we are not going to look, or feel the best we can.

Drinking sufficient, alkaline, water daily and cutting to a minimum the highly acid forming drinks of tea, coffee and alcohol will make a difference to not just your skin quality, but also your digestive system. Unless we regularly flush out the acidic, toxic waste that the body naturally produces it will show up in obvious areas like skin and eyes, preventing them from looking clear and bright.

The wonderful thing about raw fruits and vegetables is their enzyme content. You will know, for example, if you have a compost heap in the garden, that raw garden and kitchen waste in the form of peelings and such like in a short time will rot down to produce compost that you can return back to the soil to enrich it. Cooked food on the compost heap doesn’t do this as the natural enzymes have been killed by heat, stopping the break-down process.

When we daily eat enzyme-rich food in the form of raw fruits, vegetables, salads and soaked nuts we are not only benefitting fully from the nutrients, but also the ‘cleaning’ action of the enzymes as they go through the digestive tract.

So, if enzymes can clean the inside of the body so beautifully, guess what – they can also clean the outside!

The next time you make a smoothie, remove a large spoonful to one side and after tying your hair off your face use your fingers to apply it to face and neck area. Each fruit and vegetable has its own beneficial and unique properties, so depending on which combination you have used will depend on the effects you can expect – all however will, to some degree, do the same magical thing, remove dead skin cells that get trapped on the skins surface and in the fine lines we accumulate. It is these dead cells that contribute to our skin looking tired and dull and lines looking more obvious than we would like.

Please do not underestimate the effect that something so simple will have. If you feel tingling and burning (which you might with fruits like pineapple and papaya), use common sense and wash the face pack off, it is not a case of the longer it’s on for the younger you will end up looking!

If you really want to go a step further use some Himalayan Salt in the mix to gently exfoliate (please, don’t rub frantically with this.) Or take more of the fruit smoothie and, while standing in the shower, rub it all over your body; this really is great for perking up arms and legs for summertime exposure, leave for up to ten minutes before showering off.

Have fun!

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