Courgette and Pesto Pizza

Outside my kitchen window is a huge hole in the ground – well, to me it’s big, twelve feet deep by six feet square. By Nicaraguan standards a twelve meter deep hole in your garden is much more likely, and even that could be considered shallow.

Our hole is being kitted out with reinforced concrete to turn it into a rainwater storage tank – the neighbours holes are used to get rid of waste and generally have a concrete ‘throne’ sat on top. (There is no local sewage system in place here.) Sadly these holes can become death traps and there is at least one  child we know that disappeared down the hole and didn’t come out alive.

The pila in our garden, rather than having a throne on top, will have an outside kitchen/dining area with a wood fired oven.

In the past I told you about our neighbour, Norma, who runs the local bakery and has a huge wood fired oven. Well, she’s not the only one, there are several of these ovens around us and likely thousands in the country. Add to that the hundreds of ovens used to fire the terracotta for roof tiles, floor tiles, kitchen ware and the pretty ceramic ornaments that are all made here.

Anyway, my oven, rather than being industrial size, should be more homely and ideal for making pizzas. And before you get the idea that pizzas can’t be good for you, not least since they are not alkaline have a look at this one:

Pesto and Courgette Pizza

Courgette and Pesto Pizza

Pizza base before the courgettes are added

Pizza base before the courgettes are added

If you have a bread maker the dough can be set to mix and rise in this, and using the timer means you can have the dough ready and waiting when you get in.  Otherwise, it’s just a matter of mixing everything together by hand and giving it a good knead and setting aside to rise.

I personally have found that pizza dough is very forgiving and following too many rules just takes the spontaneous joy out of making something that at the end of the day is very simple.

Sometime soon I will post another ‘green’ pizza that is equally tasty.

Just got to dash… there’s a rather big blue lorry just arrived with several strapping blokes atop plus a load of building materials, the trouble is they are in danger of taking out the front hedge and are in need of some directing…

Materials arriving outside our house

Materials arriving outside our house

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