Is anyone still there…?

Hello if you are…well it looks like molasses really gummed up the works (see last post). It took forever to get the computer part sent from US to Nicaragua, by which time I’d run out of steam and major, life-changing events happened and consumed vast quantities of time and energy. However, after months of encouragement from others, I have decided to start writing again.

While absent some nasty little bug entered the system and is likely to send unwanted emails to your inbox, so to avoid that I have created a new blog, you can find it by clicking here. Please sign up to receive emails when I post something new, you will not automatically be transferred to the new site.

Alternatively if Instagram is more your cup of tea look for me at Christina Mitchell Designs to see a little of what I have been up to.

I would love it if you had the patience to follow me again, patience required since things in the ‘tinternet’ world have moved on and I haven’t, so I’ll be running to catch up,

About christinamitchelldesigns

"Living Life to the Full - Designing it One Step at a Time"
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2 Responses to Is anyone still there…?

  1. Debbie Robinson says:

    Hello my long lost friend

    How good to hear from you.

    Let me know you get this.

    Speak soon

    Deb Robinson J

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