Walking through molasses

We generally reckon that if we can achieve one major thing a day we have done well. Life here in Nicaragua can be like trying to walk through a vat of molasses.

My computer has given up, but I won’t bore you with the details of what we are going through to get it fixed – except to say it is going to take at least six weeks for the part to come and be replaced, and that the bank stopped our cards (due to potential fraudulent use after Tim bought an off the road motor bike, more of that another time), so a trip to Managua yesterday to pay for the computer part was a complete waste of  time.

Much of the time our Internet connection is not good so it takes me double the time to achieve the simplest of things, including post a simple blog like this one. Now we have the added problem of the lack of computer – so, the bottom line is I will still try and post blogs, but forgive me if they are intermittent.

You may recall we recently bought 10 gallons of molasses, well not all of it went to making the oven. Before the builders got their hands on it I decanted some into jars for use in the kitchen and have been experimenting with it in various ways.

If I am able, my intention is to give you next a recipe for a delicious cake that contains bananas and molasses and very little oil, it is ideal for slicing up and freezing, ready for unexpected guests.

Banana and Molasses Loaf

Banana and Molasses Loaf

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2 Responses to Walking through molasses

  1. Sheila says:

    I feel like I’ve been walking through molasses lately too. It’s much better to eat than to walk through. I hope your computer will get back to working soon enough, but be sure to enjoy your time away from the computer while you can!

    • 8020living says:

      Thank you Sheila. For me turning to the comfort of mixing something sweet to eat generally does the trick – I hope you will try the recipe too, when it’s posted. Tina

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