How to stop spam being sent from your email.

I just wanted to share something I recently discover quite by accident.  Some of you, I know, are driven mad by the spam that arrives from me after I send you and email.

I have spent some considerable time trying to resolve this by following the suggestions posted by other troubled unwilling spammers – from deleting the account and then reopening it, changing the password regularly, running antivirus checks to removing all cookies off the computer – none of these resolved the problem.

However I finally go to the root of it today when I was looking up how to set up an auto-responder for when we go on holiday, and there, hiding in my auto-responder box was the ‘nasty little spammer’ message!! Meaning that every time someone sent me a message my auto responder sent out a message automatically about cheap electrics, or some other such rubbish.

So, if you are one that has been receiving these annoying messages, please accept my apologies, I have been trying to get to the bottom of it for a long time and now thankfully it is over for all of us.  If you have been hacked and someone is sending unwanted messages to all of your contacts it might be worth checking out your auto-responder.  

This is how to do it:
1. Sign in to your email account
2. Go to your mail page
3. Click on options – on my account it shows up top right of the page as a cog/wheel symbol
4. Click on mail options
5. Click on holiday response
6. Have a look in the ‘response’ box, delete any contents, change the dates and click save.
7. Check frequently to make sure you have not been infected again.

I’m afraid I only have experience with Yahoo, if you can’t find the above options for your email provider then just search ‘how to set up auto responder in…..(name of your email company)’ and that should give you instructions to follow.



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