Gallo Pinto – Nicaraguan Rice and Beans

Gallo Pinto and Fried Bananas

Where does the time go? I can hardly believe it is now over two years since we packed up our lives in UK and settled into life in Nicaragua. Settled though is probably the wrong word to use right now since we have spent the last three months here in the cold and altogether we have slept more nights here, in UK, than there, this last twelve months.

Our time on The Mountain of Flowers is, however, drawing to an end and tickets are booked for our return to sunnier climes once again. It is a strange thing having another life in what feels like another world and for the most part the only way I can cope with it is to not think about it. Every so often though, I just have to cook something that connects me to my other life and generally I turn to Gallo Pinto (Painted Cockerel).

In Nicaragua everybody eats frijoles at least once a day. They are red beans, smaller than red kidney beans, but larger than adzuki. Since it is unlikely you will find frijoles in the UK I would suggest you could use either of these other two beans. Cook several portions since it costs the same in gas to cook one cup full as it does to cook several; then freeze in bags ready for a future time to make a quick meal. Don’t drain off the cooking liquid, this too is needed, and for this reason tinned beans don’t work.

I have to say that before moving to Nicaragua the idea of eating fried banana with a savoury meal did not appeal to me, I have, however, come to appreciate it, so don’t be put off, it really is worth trying.

gallo pinto

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