10 Steps to Perfect Health

Yesterday, Wednesday, we took a road trip to somewhere near Northampton, a part of the world I had never visited before, to watch the making of a video for the Energise For Life website, and what fun it was!

Paulo Fernandes, from Portugal, who Tim had trained with on the microscopy course run by Dr Robert Young a few years ago, was in the UK for filming his ten-step program for perfect health.

It was an opportunity for us to meet face to face some of the names behind the Energise team and start to get to know them a little.

At some point the videos will be available to watch and I’ll create a link in a future blog for you to see them, but for now a summary of Paulo’s 10 step program to whet your appetite:

  1. Nutritional Microscopy analysis – to establish the condition of your blood and by extension your body.
  2. Super Hydration with alkaline water – as a guide: 1 litre of water for every 15 kg of body weight.
  3. Alkaline Diet – high in green live/raw food.
  4. Exercise.
  5. Nutritional Supplements.
  6. Spiritual Reconnection – to help deal with stress, negative emotions and create the joy of giving to others.
  7. Breathing Correctly – try this:

The Recovery Breath – good for energy, de-stressing and flushing the lymphatic system.

i) Take a deep breath in through the nose
ii) Breathe out through the mouth
iii) Hold without breathing for 15 seconds
iv) Pant like a dog for a few seconds

8. Lymphatic Massage.
9. Colon Hydrotherapy.
10. Infra-red Sauna.

As Paulo pointed out there are many things that contribute to good health and this is his personal choice, nevertheless it was interesting to hear that he follows a 70/30 regime and finds it keeps him in an alkaline and healthy condition. He did however state that for someone with severe health challenges it is vital for them to follow a stricter regime of only drinking alkaline juices and water until the body has made a recovery, only then add in a small amount of acid forming foods.

Anyway, at this point a big Thank You to the Energise team and Paulo for yesterday’s thoroughly enjoyable event



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