Is it Alkaline?

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As promised last week, here is the answer to a question I received recently:

I was looking at your website. I came across your recipes and I noticed they were not alkaline. Have you come off the alkaline diet?

80/20 Living’s Blog came about for several reasons some of which are explained here in About and here in Why 80/20. The purpose of this blog is not to promote just alkaline eating but rather alkaline living. We have noted that some people can be eating a very healthy, alkaline diet but their blood, saliva and urine show they are still on the acidic side. Why is this?

Stress is a very big consideration in the acid/alkaline balance of the body, this alone is sufficient to prevent an alkaline diet having the desired effect that some hope for in their health improvements.

We have found, with ourselves and others, that having an alkaline body is not just dependent on what we eat and drink, although this obviously is a large part of the equation; lifestyle and attitude play a huge part and must be taken into consideration.

So, are we following the Alkaline Diet? Strictly speaking – No. But, are our bodies in an alkaline state, as measured in blood, urine and saliva? -Yes!

This Blog, is about 80/20 Living, not just about an alkaline diet. (Also, it is an opportunity to show some pictures of our life in Nicaragua, many of our clients ask for this as they are interested in seeing what we get up to.)

At the top of this page are pictures that have been used earlier in our Blogs, they illustrate how it is possible to eat ‘normal’ food, but turn it into an alkaline plate, simply by making the majority part (80%) salad and/or vegetables and putting just a small portion (up to 20% of the plate) in addition.

Here are some more pictures I’ve not used yet, but may well in the future, these too show how easy it is to keep to an 80/20 way of eating – 80% fresh vegetables and salads, 20% meat/fish/potatoes/rice etc:


I hope this goes some way to answering the above question and helps you see that an alkaline way of life is not just dependant on diet, but how we view life and cope with it’s stresses and strains must also be taken into consideration – that is what 80/20 Living is all about.

See you all soon, back here, I hope. x

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