Feeling Guilty

Hello Everyone,

Guilt has finally overcome me sufficiently to put ‘pen to paper’ and apologise for the lack of news from me. Much to our surprise we find ourselves once again prematurely back in UK. (What a shock to the system the weather is!) This time I have graduated from Florence Nightingale to Staff Nurse and am getting to grips with catheters and such like, a steep learning curve that has proved to be.

Mutt and Natty Mutt and Natty

During our last stay in Nicaragua a we adopted another dog, Natasha. She used to belong to a friend who moved back to America in September. We knew Natty when she was a puppy and happened to call by the home she had moved into; it was clear that she was most unhappy having not just lost weight, but much of her coat as well. The new owners said they no longer wanted her, did we? … As you can see from the picture she moved in.

The first few days were a big settling in time, for all of us, as the pecking-order was established and there were some terrific fights between the two dogs. Now though, as you can see they are the best of friends and spend hours each day playing together. Before you worry that Mutt has had his nose pushed out, be reassured he is still Top Dog and guards the inside of the house at night, while Natty guards the outside.

The Mutt Hut The Mutt Hut

It didn’t take Natty long to realise that The Mutt Hut was available for occupation and she quickly moved in – Mutt is just too big to fit in now. It is lovely going for walks with the two of them; everyone we come across shows deep respect for The Pack, two big dogs does look quite awesome, in reality away from the house they are more interested in catching lizards than attacking people, but I’m not about to disabuse anyone of that, they make me feel very protected.

Anyway, that’s what we have left behind and goodness only knows what kind of bad manners they will have picked up while we are away.

Now to something a little more 80/20: I was sent an email from someone who had had a wander around the blog and wrote:

I was looking at your website. I came across your recipes and I noticed they were not alkaline. Have you come off the alkaline diet.”

Good question, and it deserves an answer. They always say that to tell someone of your goals gives you a better chance of reaching them, so here goes…by this time next week I will write a blog in answer to the question, I give you permission to nag me if I don’t.

See you back here soon, keep warm, x

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1 Response to Feeling Guilty

  1. sarah says:

    the dogs are gorgeous but i didnt think you liked dogs?????? from a new follower xxxxx

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