The Statue of Liberty

Here we are, back again with wall-to-wall sunshine in Nicaragua; we missed the wettest month while we were in UK and now it’s into summer.

Our journey was probably one of the longest we have taken to get here, but one of the cheapest too – it took us via New York and Houston and gave us some amazing views:

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

New York

New York

Having only ever seen America from the inside of airports or on television films I have to say I found it terribly exciting to have a fly over, sadly though it was all happening too fast and the plane did a big left-wing-down and I missed taking any more pictures since all I could see was the sky.

The weather from New York to Houston though was perfect and we had an amazing view all the way – please feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I think these are the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia:

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia?

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia?

I still can’t look at this picture without thinking of Laurel and Hardy, from 5 1/2 miles up in the sky though it was difficult to distinguish lonesome pines and we certainly couldn’t see June, but that didn’t stop me from singing the tune – do you remember it too? The mountains were spectacular, you could clearly see the earth’s surface as if it was a rumpled bedspread.

We are happy to welcome another visitor to our home here, Naomi. She is with us for five weeks and is already starting to get to know what it is like to live here. I am about to get the bikes out to take out into the wilds to visit Araseli, that will open up her eyes a bit I think!

Now we are back I am hoping to keep in touch with you all again via the Blog – please post any comments or send emails, I love to hear from you all.

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