Blogging Break

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to apologise for the lack of Blogs this week and to let you know I will be taking a short blogging break.  Things have been rather hectic this week here on the Mountain of Flowers and I have felt rather like I briefly stepped into the shoes of Florence Nightingale, however the crisis is now over also starting tomorrow we will be in Hereford for a couple of weeks of work – so all in all there has and will be little space for much else.

I did, though, want to leave you with some pictures I took the other day in Much Wenlock, the birthplace of the modern olympics… and my husband!

The town is worth visiting for it’s old buildings…

…some of which have been converted from houses into shops…

… and of course there’s the good old British Pub…

… and despite the cold some of the summer flowers still hung on, looking pretty…

Sometimes, when life feels rather full it is good to take some time-out. We have found that it doesn’t need to be for long, or cost anything, but to just put ourselves in another ‘world’ and be so thoroughly immersed in it can feel as good as a holiday and give us the charge we need to get back to things again.

I remember many years ago learning an interesting point about stress from a very experienced practitioner – he maintained that the body can cope with stress as long as it knows there will be a break, no matter how small, that it can look forward to, in other words planned in advance. I have found that the simple act of writing the ‘break’ down in my diary is enough to help me though the busiest of times.

My plan is to not be away from blogging for too long, but I know I will be coming across some of you over the next two weeks, either in Hereford or Dudley, so I’m looking forward to that, seeing you face to face is always the best.

In the meantime, thanks for following up to now, love to you all, Tina xx

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