Putting the garden to bed

Autumn is fast approaching The Mountain of Flowers, you can feel it in the air and see it in the garden; some of the trees and shrubs have already started to change colour:

A few intrepid summer flowers are still holding on, despite the damage the heavy rains have done to their petals:

The berries are changing colour and are already being consumed by birds, trying to put on some weight in readiness for the cold – if you believe the old wives’ tales then it looks like we are in for a hard winter, there appears to be a lot of berries:

And of course, there are the flowers that are special autumn treats – for their vivid colour:

or the pleasure they bring when you stumble upon something tiny and delicate:

There was a time when I did not look forward to autumn, it always felt like the sad end to the summer, now though I look forward to it for the beautiful colours, the rewards of a job well done and the feelings that result: warm fires, snuggled up inside with the curtains drawn, a good book, friends for supper and interesting conversation and the anticipation of spring, my favourite time of the year.

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2 Responses to Putting the garden to bed

  1. Cath Andrews says:

    Thanks so much for those beautiful pictures, they are very cheery on a gloomy day!

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