There are 15 volcanoes in Nicaragua and it is highly likely on a trip out and about you will see at least one of them, so having waited for all seismic activity to cease Katie and I took a ride to our local Volcan Masaya. We left early and arrived before the gates opened, hoping that the early start meant we had beaten the rain clouds that build up in the afternoons and would have obscured all views.

We were not disappointed – the weather was perfect, but the powers-that-be still felt it could be dangerous since back in April the Volcano had grumbled a bit and spit out rocks, so we were issued hard hats for our protection.

The fashionable head-gear

Warning signs, that have almost worn away, advise that in the case of flying rocks you hide underneath your vehicle. And as for parking said vehicle…park facing the exit, for a quick get-away…

…for quick get-away!

When we have visited before we have been able to walk up the path that looks rather like a small chunk of the Great Wall of China and from a height peer into the depths of the smoking volcano:

The forbidden path

This time, however, due to the same powers-that-be, it was considered too dangerous, so we had to content ourselves with leaning over the wall to see in…

Over the edge

The Smoking Crater

Down the hole

Since we were not part of a guided tour we were free to walk to the other, now green, crater and have a good look at the view:


On the way back home we stopped by a restaurant for a coffee and enjoyed the beautiful view of Lake Masaya:

Lake Masaya

Our flight home last week was probably the most memorable for the amazing views we had of some of the volcanoes that run up the country:

Momotombo arial view

Arial View

Living so close to volcanoes and having felt the earth move has really helped us appreciate the incredible power held within the earth’s core and how insignificant we really are.

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2 Responses to Volcanoes

  1. katie says:

    It was an AMAZING experience… the perfect girly day out 🙂 xxx

  2. 8020living says:

    So glad you enjoyed it – I did too!! I’m looking forward to the next time xxxx

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