Various Veins

For many, and not just pregnant women, varicose veins can be a problem, here in Nicaragua they, sadly, are the worst I have ever seen:


This is a picture I took of a neighbour of ours, Antonieta. I didn’t take the picture for her legs, but just take a look at them and you will notice the poor condition they are in due to varicose veins. The piece of cloth wrapped around the right leg is protecting an ulcer from the flies. Antonieta is only in her mid fifties and is hardly able to walk any distance or stand for long due to the pain caused by the veins.

When the content of the average diet here is considered it is no wonder that varicose veins are a major problem – Antonieta and her family hardly ever consume any greens, they live on mostly rice and beans, not for lack of money but due to custom.

If you notice broken veins around your ankles don’t be content to just accept it as something that happens as you get older, it is telling you the condition of the blood vessels in your body. Once veins have varicosed or even thread veins have developed they can be improved, and drastically, if you are prepared to put in the work to reverse the damage that has been done over the years of having too much acidity in the body.

Click on this to learn what Dr Robert Young recommends. Some of the suggestions might be beyond what you are feasibly able to do – but many are within reach – for example: making sure you are drinking enough water, taking liquid chlorophyll, pHour Salts, pHlush, dry skin brushing and eating lots of green salads and veg. Also the suggested lifestyle changes will make a difference.

It is sad to see the consequences of poor dietary choices, varicose veins being just one of them. In developed countries there is absolutely no need for buying and eating badly, there is sufficient good food and money available for everyone to nourish their body and prevent many of the health issues that can be avoided.

So, when you get ready for bed tonight have a good look at the condition of your legs, particularly around the ankles and if you see the start of veins breaking down, please do something about it, don’t put it off.

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