Guess Where We Are…

Rainbow on the Mountain of Flowers

As you can  see from the photo – just this minute taken – we are not in Nicaragua, no, we are back on the Mountain of Flowers, and we are just as surprised as you might be. On Tuesday morning we received an SOS and responded by jumping on the next flight home and arrived in time for coffee yesterday, Thursday.

So, just so that you are kept up to speed and don’t suffer from too much confusion the next post you read was written while we were still in Nicaragua and since there are still many things I want to show you from there some subsequent posts will have pictures taken while we were, but will be written while I am here, i.e. in UK – OK? Not confused? That’s good.

I popped by to see Angela earlier today and she suggested I write more recipes for the Blog – well, I’m sure that is possible, I just need a little time to get myself organised. It seems incredible only earlier this week I was shopping in the market and all the hustle and bustle that involves…

Street Vendors

Market Entrance

…and today I was wandering around a sanitised Co-op.  Still, it does mean that I have access to some great food that will be easier to write about since you will be able to buy it too.

We have no idea how long we will be here but I know that it will mean I get to spend time with some of you which will be great. Our time with Katie was very special and it was wonderful to be able to share our life with her, if only for two of the originally planned three months. Keep watching the spot though, you never know we might be able to experience the third month, even if it is next year.

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