District Convention in Ticuantepe

So the Convention has come and gone with no more serious incidents – Misael’s dengue turned out to be no more than over-consumption of spaghetti Bolognese the night before and I am finally catching up with the sleep deprivation.

Too much Spag Bol

Assemblies and Conventions are always a time for meeting up with old friends:

Old friends – Lavinia, Kate and Danibeth

And meeting new friends:

New friend – Jenny

The grounds of the Assembly Hall are in front of what was the Branch Office and are beautiful for eating lunch outside in the sunshine.

Lunch Under the Hibiscus Hedge

Here you can see everyone making the most of the shade under the hibiscus hedge – the gates to the Bethel are in the far distance.

Part of the garden

Inside the the hall was full and extra chairs were put out to accomadate the 2,556 in attendance:

Inside the Assembly Hall

You’d love the modes of transport, aside from the old American school busses there were posh vehicles with roofs and seats:

With seats and roof

And less posh ones with standing room only – not so good in the rain:

Standing Room Only

Generally the rain, although it was very heavy came when we were all inside. At one point, during the drama the power went off due to a storm and we were plunged into gloom – the actors froze as if the pause button had been pushed and we heard the generator start,  the lights came back on and the drama continued.

The first day was the best for views on the journey as the atmosphere was so clear. The drive takes us between two volcanoes, Masaya and Mombacho and in the distance Lake Managua can be seen. It had rained very heavily on the Sunday afternoon and heavy clouds sat on the tops of the mountains and volcanoes:

Rain forest views on the journey home

This week we have the Circuit visit, so another busy week coming up!

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