Trust me – I’m a Doctor

For those of you who regularly follow our Blog and were expecting something food-wise yesterday, apologies. My only excuse is we were so into food here I just ran out of time to write. It is the Convention for us and we have prepared enough to feed an army, all the gas rings were occupied, the biggest saucepans employed and the fridge door has difficulty closing. It does however mean that when we get home in the evening everything is well underway, with enough to share and enjoy the company of guests to keep the good conversation and association going.

All had been going well until three o’clock this morning when Tania rushed through the house with a very unwell Misael; as the Dueno I was then called upon to offer advice, take his temperature, make up a rehydration drink, get iced water and flannels and generally calm the whole situation and stop it spiralling into panic that the little chap was going to die of dengue.

I’ll be honest here and tell you that I did resort to looking at NHS Direct on-line since I wasn’t absolutely sure of the point when high temperature became dangerous for a child. The information reassured  me he was well below danger level, at this moment – but I was amused/disturbed by the advice about thermometers. You will all know that fancy digital thermometers are the tool used by all up to date modern parents – and it seems, according to the site, that mercury thermometers are not only no longer available to buy in Britain they are certainly not to be used due to the danger of breaking and the child getting mercury poisoning.

This advice just hasn’t got as far as Nicaragua though and the only thermometer I was able to purchase last year when The Mutt was very poorly was the glass and mercury sort. You will be relieved to know that despite lacking the basic nursing skills of temperature knowledge I did not drop or break the thermometer, sending mercury everywhere and putting the life of child and parents in even more danger than suspected dengue posed.

Having calmed everyone down and sent them all back to bed I found that I was in no state to sleep myself, hence my Blog to you right now. How glad I am that we got ahead of ourselves earlier and not only is the breakfast table all set and ready, but tonight’s dinner is happily waiting in the fridge for later. I do find myself wondering though if in the heat of the afternoon I will be able to keep awake.

Misael on a good day

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