Hi, this is Katie

There were 4 things on my to do list when I decided (at very short notice) to come back with Tim and Tina to Nicaragua. They were as follows:
1) Eat healthily
2) Alkalise
3) Eat fish (I’m too much of a fussy eater) and
4) Experience an earthquake!

Well last Wednesday I did indeed feel an earthquake which was very surreal; I have eaten fish… Tina’s moto is “People will eat what I cook, and if they don’t like it, tough”… one which I might try when I get home (she was only joking of course). I have also been eating very healthily and alkalising since I’ve been here, although it doesn’t exclude the American pancake breakfast which was delicious, the odd rum and coke … (and glass of wine … and bottle of beer) or cupcakes, which Tina and I baked this afternoon.

Our pink and glitzy cupcake

We baked in true Nicaraguan style though and wore our very Nica aprons, which all the Nicaraguan women wear when they are out selling their produce.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and all colours and patterns with lots of little pockets and compartments. So when we went on a trip to Masaya market we just had to buy one, which was a very funny experience… Tina had Tim and I in stitches as she donned all these different styled aprons.

Having fun baking in our Nica Aprons

The enjoyable thing about living this 8020 lifestyle is that you can have all the above occasional treats without feeling bad because your body stays balanced due to all the good food and alkaline water you are taking in too. I have to admit, I was slightly sceptical about how living 8020 style would actually change how I felt in myself and what difference it would make to my energy levels amongst other things. However, whilst living here with Tim and Tina I have adapted to that way of life and it genuinely does work.

How? Well, when I arrived my body was very acidic, most likely due to the fact I ate all the wrong foods, drank far too much coffee and not nearly enough water. So, the first day here Tina had me drinking alkaline water with pHour salts. I have to admit I’d never tasted anything so horrible, I decided there and then that I couldn’t drink it every day for 3 months. However, I persevered and now I can drink 3 litres of pH salt water everyday like its normal water. It’s incredible how the more alkaline your body becomes the more tolerant it is to the salty taste. I would never have believed it. And along with that, I have had lots of energy and I feel really well.

So, if you feel sceptical like I did just have a look at the pH test strips here that we did a couple of days ago:

Evidence that living 8020 is alkalising

The top strip is Tina’s and registered at 7.5 pH, which was what mine looked like the first few weeks of drinking pH salts. However, here it was at 6.5 pH, ten times more acidic – evidence of me being very bad by drinking several coffees and no salts for two days. (So guess what I’m doing again now…..)

If you want to know more about how taking the pH salts can benefit you, click on this , and if you want to try them for yourself, call Angela 🙂 (01588 673 034)

The proof is in the pudding!!

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2 Responses to Hi, this is Katie

  1. sue roberts says:

    HI Katie.
    Loved your blog and the pictures. Though Tinas Blog on ‘creepy crawlies’ did make me shiver. esp the spider one ugh …. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    The aprons you and Tina were wearing are gorgeous (has Tim got one!) We (i) have got out of the habit of wearing our ‘pinnies’ unfortunately. Theres something quite homely when going into a home and the woman is wearing one. It reminds me of my holidays to grannies house. She always wore her apron.. Awwww.
    As Tina will tell you i look forward to the blogs and pass them onto my family. Sorry that i dont alway get to reply, letter writing is not one of my strong points … My hubby OWNS the laptop in the evenings listening to his music (me and my daughter get peace and quiet then Ha,,) … also during the day im rarely at home ( which is great), except to do boring stuff like cleaning and ironing. Yawwwwn.
    Very worrying about the volcano 😦 anymore news ….
    Take care. Love Sue xxxx

  2. 8020living says:

    Hi Sue, thank you for your comment, sorry for the late reply, things have been upside down for a little while and I’m taking the opportunity to catch up a bit right now xxxx

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