Creepy Crawlies

Some of you, I know, want to have more pictures of the creatures here – so here we go, sorry for the lack of names though, that’s not really my thing…

Close-up of a moth

Mr. & Mrs. (He’s the little one!) – Golden Orb Spider, Nephila clavipes (Nephila, from Greek, ‘fond of spinning’; clavipes, from Latin, ‘club-footed.’)


Spider – not one to meet in the dark, of the Tarantula family, caught by Mutt from behind the stereo unit and a little worse for the mauling

Some sort of centipede – I think (no, actually Tim says its a millipede, it still means it has a lot of legs)

If, like me, you prefer your creatures with four legs and fur here is one of the white squirrels that visits the garden and does a whole lot of damage to the new shoots on the chyote plants:

White Squirrel

I think I’ll call this ‘part one’ since there are lots more pictures I can post in the future and I don’t want to put you off Nicaragua, it really is a beautiful place to be and we don’t get close encounters with creeping things all the time, honestly.

p.s. If you have wizzed through this because you don’t like insects of any sort please just have another, slower look and admire their amazing detail, intricacy and colouring – you are perfectly safe, not only are you thousands of miles away from them but these are only pictures, an opportunity to see and admire their beautiful design that cannot be appreciated with just the naked eye.

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