Did the earth move – Darling?

They say animals can sense things we can’t, and there are some that can be trained to give a warning of aproaching disaster – I’m afraid to say The Mutt is not one of those, having failed miserably this morning to warn us of the earthquake that struck just twenty minutes ago, OK so the epicenter was over the boarder in Costa Rica but the earth nevertheless moved significantly here, enough for Tania to say she felt seasick.


We were enjoying a leisurely breakfast, and listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon, having decided to give ourselves a day off when all of a sudden we were aware of the whole house moving as if it was on top of a jelly.

Katie insists I tell you all when we got outside I hung onto the washing line post – goodness knows why! While Tim and Katie almost danced around in wonder,  (and excitement on Katie’s part, she has been waiting for this moment) The Mutt however just lay in the sun as if nothing was happening.

It is the strangest thing standing in the garden and watching your house go up and down and the rocking chairs rocking all on their own. So, what would you grab if disaster struck? I have always thought of the things I hold most precious and would take with me as I ran, the surprising thing this morning was as we made for the safety of outside not one of us thought about grabbing anything.

Anyway, don’t panic, were are all fine and off to the beach, careful to watch for tsunamis. If you would like to see a map of the earthquake zone click on this.

p.s. Tim has just come in with the local gossip and there will be a tsunami in about 6 hours!

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