Last night, after all had gone quiet in the house, neighbours had gone home and Diederich and I had finished our Bible story together and he too had gone home to bed I switched on my computer to spend a little time on the internet reading recipes. I know for some this would absolutely not appeal to them as a mode of relaxation, but I have always enjoyed reading cookery books, and accessing cookery writers on-line has developed from that.

Shopping for food is a pleasure I still revel in and remember with fondness the markets of France and Spain where I would feel rather like a child in a sweet shop, in absolute ecstasy over all the wonderful foods that are available and lamenting the fact there were not enough reasons in the day to eat.

The type of cookery book, or on-line blog I enjoy is when the writer tells me a little about the ingredients, or how they came across the recipe, or how to successfully adjust something, the personal touches that take eating food from a necessity to a joy and pleasure to share with friends and family.

So last night when my head finally hit the pillow it was buzzing with ideas, but also a strange feeling of inadequacy – there is so much to learn and when I looked at what others have and are achieving I found myself thinking how little I know. There is no doubt about it, with the accessibility of the internet avenues have opened up to all who want to explore, but also along with it has come almost a competitive spirit, the ordinary person can now do what only the extraordinary did some few short years ago.

This morning gave me cause to reconsider what or who really is inspiring.  As usual, early on a Tuesday, I had gone to see Norma, the elderly lady in the village who has the bakery, and, as usual, after the study, our conversation turned to food and cooking. Despite her advancing age and health issues Norma is still keen to learn and asks a myriad of questions about what I cook and how. It also works the other way around too, I learn from her, and there is still much I want to learn, especially about her huge wood fired oven and what it is capable of.

So, as I headed for home along the lane I found myself still thinking about food and planning what we could eat and by the time I arrived back in the house I had made up my mind to make some bread, something I hadn’t done for a while. It crossed my mind though, how inspiring I had found Norma to be, a gentle sweet natured soul, but still with a great appetite for life and learning.  I doubt she really knows what a computer is for, and wouldn’t have the slightest idea what a Blog is, keeping up with the latest of anything is far from her mind, but how inspired I felt after I left – maybe even more than I was after a couple of hours reading the highly polished and professional pages on the internet.

My dear elderly friend and neighbour – Norma

It just goes to show that the simple pleasures in life are what most often bring the most joy. Since bread, the staff of life, is one of those simple pleasures I will post for you on friday a pizza recipe that is both simple and delicious.

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1 Response to Norma

  1. sue roberts says:

    Hi Tina Tim Katie and Mutt,
    Just loved the picture of Norma 🙂 She’s got the most incredibly wise eyes hasn’t she and i loved the white apron she was wearing(i think it was an apron anyway)….. reminding me to wear mine. I bought myself a pinny after getting splattered with sauces etc once too often, only i just wish i could get into the habit of putting it on..

    Thankyou for the recipes Tina they all look so delicious. I LOVE reading them and I print off the recipes and stick them in my to-do recipe book.. with the intent of putting them into practice….. keep them coming though… please 🙂 I WILL get round to it.
    We’ve had some lovely weather here last week, gorgeous sunshine with a crisp autumnic feel in the air. Definitely sleeping alot better now with the cooler nights coming in. What i would do in an earthquake though i don’t know. Skid under a table maybe! Ha..who knows. Your experience sounded pretty scary Tina its a good job the washing line pole WAS there, i have this slightly exaggerated vision of you bolting down the road hair on end…. legs and arms flaying wildly hehe

    Its so lovely to hear Diederich is still studying too. I am studying with a beautiful looking 26 yr old Indian woman who is witnessing to all her indian friends and family back home despite receiving ridicule and teasing. She has started coming to the meetings now too. Just recently i called on another Indian lady who also is keen to study and cooked me some spicy pieces of chicken on my last visit . mmm delicious. What a great life pioneering is eh. So many extra bonuses.. 😀
    LOVE reading your Blogs i look forward to them
    Love from Sue xxxx

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