Without wanting to sound boastful I just wanted to let you know I lit the Little Devil again today and needed only one match, a first for me, I generally have to use half a box. Having closely observed Santo the other night I felt ready to tackle the job myself.

It had been throwing it down with rain not long before and the ground was very slippy, although I saved myself from a complete pearler I lost my sandals and ended up with hands and feet plastered with mud and not much later trousers and tee-shirt were pretty filthy too with mud and soot from the fire.

The dust pan was again used to fan the flames and with a lot less bother than the previous time the Little Devil was glowing happily. While the potatoes were cooking in their jackets, Tim made a grid to fit the top for cooking meat.

I haven’t mentioned the good news that greeted us the night we arrived home, while we had been away Union Fenosa, the electric company, had come through the village and put in new posts and electric cable so we now  have our own power instead of taking it off the neighbours post.  Living at the end of the line had proved too much for the current and we had become used to having to turn off the fridge so that we could listen to music or use the washing machine.  Tim joked that when I used my hairdryer the whole neighbourhood dimmed.

Now however we have enough power to have everything in the house on at the same time, and my hairdryer works like magic.  One other benefit is that the welder Tim bought over a year ago, that has never had enough power to function and has had to live in it’s box all that time, was brought out of storage to make the grid. So the Little Devil is now adorned.

Avocados are plentiful here and come in all shapes and sizes and even a slight variation in tastes. Consequently we often have avocados with our meals, including as a topping to jacket potatoes, instead of butter. And that is what we had tonight along with pork chops from Heydelberth’s pig and a big mixed salad, expertly chopped by Katie, also red corn on the cob that Tim was given out in field service that I roasted on the grid.

Avocados are an amazing food and fit perfectly into an alkaline diet since their alkaline mineral content is high, along with vitamins and the fact that the natural oil content is very beneficial. Despite what you may have heard from magazine articles avocados are a must for healthy eating and happily mix with many foods in a variety of ways, including the guacamole that we had:


When an avocado is ripe, i.e it gives slightly when squeezed, but doesn’t feel soft, it is very easy to just cut in half and squash gently on itself to remove the flesh, then use a spoon to scrape out the shell to remove the remaining flesh. It almost lands in the bowl ready mashed. All I did for the above guacamole was to stir in some salad dressing we had made the day before from extra virgin cod pressed olive oil, lime juice, vegetable bouillon powder and Himalayan salt.

If you have any guacamole left it will keep until the next meal if covered in cling film since there is lime in the dressing, this will stop it turning a funny brown colour. Use it to spread on some wholemeal bread and top with thick slices of tomato. Lightly toasting the bread before filling makes it delicious.

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