Cowboys and Indians

Seeing life through another’s eyes is always interesting. Our life here is so very different from our other life – in UK, but now we are appreciating it through Katie’s eyes, just a few minutes ago she called me into her bathroom to see a tiny lizard that had popped out from behind the blind and made her jump. Thankfully Mutt didn’t get to see it as chasing lizards is a passion for him, he thought he was on to one this afternoon in the garden, but the lizard escaped into the workshop for safety.

The cheeky lizard

This lizard took advantage of Mutt’s food one day when he had lost his appetite.

I have become much braver over the creepy crawlies that inhabit this land, especially when they are in their place – outside. Like the snake that Tim brought home to photograph a couple of days ago…

Leptodrymus Pulcherrimus – (Bejuquilla Rayada)

Bit by bit we are getting our studies back into routine, it has been good to get and see them all again. On Sunday afternoon we went out to Adrian and Rita, it’s quite a trek to get there, but worth the effort.  The last part of the journey, about a half hour walk, has to be done on foot since the truck cannot negotiate the track.

The house of Adrian and Rita

Rita is expecting a baby very soon, I have no idea how she will get from their house all the way to the hospital!

While we were there a neighbour-cowboy called by to deliver a bag of bread, it felt rather like something out of the wild west.

The Modern-day Cowboy

As for the Indian part of this blog I’ll be posting more in the future, but to whet your appetite – tonight we cooked Navajo bread, rather successfully, but no pictures to show you, so once we have had another go and taken some photos we’ll let you have a look, maybe you’ll be inspired to try it too.

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2 Responses to Cowboys and Indians

  1. sue roberts says:

    what a lovely experience for katie and not just the lizard popping out from behind the blind ! it must be quite a eyeopener for her doing the ministry there.. such a contrast to here where we have rows and rows of houses one after the other, and nobody home. Well it feels like that at times.ha.. Thankfully no snakes or BIG spiders. phew… it was up in the 90’s yesterday, tho grey and muggy today we definitely don’t get bored with the weather over here! Thankyou for the blogs and pictures Tina, can we have some more of your ministry terrain too… thankyou.. 😀 say hello to Tim (loved the picture of the snake – NOT! hehe ) and Katie and a pat to Mutt too.. Love from Sue xxx

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