Welcome, Katie

Hello from a hot and sunny Nicaragua – we’re finally back and settling into routine. This time we will be viewing our life here through different eyes as we have a visitor with us, Katie. She will be living with us until our return in November – three whole months to soak up a new culture, a different climate, new foods, a new language and probably a lot more. We’re really excited to have her with us and are looking forward to sharing with her our love of Nicaragua.

We had a very successful visit to UK and would like to say thank you to all that made our visit so good.

Once I get myself organised again I will be writing regular blogs like before, about our life here, recipe ideas and ways to keep an 80/20 balance in life and diet. In the meantime have a look at this article I received the other day about the benefits of lemons and limes, I thought there were some very practical tips and good reasons to include them in our everyday life. (Just click on the blue writing to access the article).

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