Are We Nearly There Yet?


Roses on Karen’s windowsill – a reminder of how good it is to spend time with friends, especially when you get good conversation and great food

No we’re still here! (In UK that is)

Just when I thought it would be the best time to get a flight out of UK, since all the world is coming rather than going for the Olympics, there was almost nothing available, unless we were willing to go via Canada and take 33 hours about it. So rather than take a tour of several North American airports we decided against going the scenic route in favour of staying a few more days in Blighty.

The weather has changed back to grey and rainy, but that hasn’t dampened our spirits since we have had a wonderful three weeks here topped off with beautiful sunshine for much of the time.  The Stoke Convention was so upbuilding and we caught up with many old friends. It was our first time there, and I have to say despite myself, I was very impressed. Stoke is nothing like I imagined and turned out to be a perfect venue for the 8,573 of us, including 715 in the Chinese Mandarin section.

Some of the audience in the English section – all wrapped up against the cold

The Chinese Mandarin section

After our time in Stoke we moved on to Hereford for some work. So if you were one of the many that came to see us, “Thank you for coming, it was great to see you again, or meet you for the first time.” Please keep in touch with us, we love to hear of all your news, you can do that by posting a comment at the bottom of any blog (be sure to tick the box so you know I have replied) or if you prefer by emailing –

Finally, for now, for your pleasure and my memories I’d like to introduce you to the English Country Garden, ‘The Mountain of Flowers,’ where we have been staying after the rush and tear of the initial couple of weeks was over. I really feel some music would be appropriate at this point but sadly lack the skills to provide it:

Eating out of doors has become a rare pleasure these days since gone are the long hot summers of our childhood, but when the sun does come out we make the most of it and celebrate in style, after all 8020 Living requires that, doesn’t it?

Lunch in the Garden

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