Meet The Mutt

I thought it was about time you met The Mutt since several times I have referred to him.

When we were building the house our builder expressed concern for us extranjeros, foreigners, he felt we needed caring for since we were so green and inexperienced – he knew of a bitch that had just given birth and he would find out if any of the puppies were available, a guard dog would do the job and look after us.

When I heard that the mother was a Pit Bull and the father was a German Shepherd my heart sank, what kind of dog would we be having, ugly and ferocious for sure.

Not many days afterwards Tim called me and said: “Come to the house, the puppy has arrived.”

“What is he like?” I asked, “Come and see,” was the answer.

Although it only took a few minutes for me to arrive, I had already built up in my mind a picture of the most ugly of dogs. With the lack of anything to restrain the puppy, he had been put into what would become a bathroom, but at this point the room was grey and wet, I looked over the board they had put across the door and a tiny bundle looked back up at me, wet from sitting in a puddle of water and crying since he had been ripped away from his mother and brothers at the tender age of five weeks.

The arrival of Mutley caused a lot of interest among the building crew and they joked we had been given four pounds of fleas and only one pound of dog; they were nearly right, it took me two days to get him cleaned up from both fleas and three varieties of ticks.

The Mutt at six weeks

From the moment Mutt arrived he had a voice and continues to use it, even in his sleep. He always has some sort of project on the go and has caused us to develop a new set of words:

Mutting around = looking like you are busy doing something
The Mutt Hut = the kennel he has now out grown, by a long way
Tick Box = when he is infested with ticks
Laptop = when he was small enough to sit on my lap, he still tries, but it is too uncomfortable for both of us now
Mutterways = the high-speed motorways he has created around the perimeter to patrol his patch from any invaders – squirrels, lizards, and next door’s chickens (which don’t live to see another day).

The Mutt Hut – when he could fit in

Who can resist picking up and cuddling a puppy…not me

Having a quiet cuddle together

The problem is puppies grow….

Getting bigger

And grow…

A sunday afternoon snooze

Do they ever stop?

Still enjoying a cuddle

As a gangly youth he had a problem with his ears and we feared they might forever go in the wrong direction. When they finally made their minds up he had one Pit Bull ear and one German Shepherd.

Wayward ears

I could go on forever about the daily adventures of Mutt since everyday there would be a new one, we have so much fun with him.  The neighbours think it’s funny that a Nicaraguan dog only responds to English – and they think its hilarious that a dog can dance (yes, he can) and shake hands, roll over and all manner of other little things that he has learned.

Despite all the ‘strange’ things Mutt does he is very well respected by everyone, dog and human alike, and no-one dares to step onto our patch without being invited for fear of being savaged – he ferociously protects us and the house – that after all was why he was originally given to us by Aurelio. So, thank you Aurelio for a most wonderful gift.

The Mutt

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4 Responses to Meet The Mutt

  1. He is absolutely adorable and I love the progression of growth you shared with us. My favorite photo is of you and him snoozing in the rocking chair, cute beyond words! Our lab mix, Lucky Girl, passed away last November and 3 months ago, we adopted Copper, a light chocolate lab. He has truly been an added joy to our family, not to replace Lucky, though. I think she would approve of him, too! Anyway, I am a true dog lover, so this post was very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing, Tina!
    Lauren 🙂

    • 8020living says:

      Hi Lauren, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry about Lucky Girl, it’s always such a painful time loosing a friend, but I’m happy you have another. We’re still in UK so I’m missing Mutt’s company so give Copper a hug from me please. Tina x

  2. Sheila says:

    Thank you for making me smile – I especially love the wayward ears picture. I would have thought the same about the mix but he’s incredibly cute and looks very much loved. We have an English setter (still crazy after 13 years) who also went through that awkward teenage ear stage – it was very entertaining.

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