The Sound of Silence

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

Yesterday while taking The Mutt out for a walk through the coffee fields I became aware of the noise going on inside my head, a constant chatter babbling away and not in the background either, loud and insistent. So loud was the noise that I was unaware of the sound of the beautiful tropical birds high up in the trees, the gentle sound of the wind in the leaves or the sudden rustle of a lizard in the undergrowth.

Have you ever had this experience too – when your head is so full of stuff going round and round and not particularly going anywhere? What was filling my head wasn’t even important, I was aware that it had become a habit, it was even happening while I was in bed, I no longer was hearing the beautiful dawn chorus that starts while it is still dark or the noticing subtle changes in light as the sun comes up over the mango trees.

At the bottom of the fields I found a fallen tree to sit on, it was a beautiful hot afternoon and the clouds were building for a storm, high, billowy and brilliant white.  I’ll set myself the goal of stilling the chatter in my head and see what I notice going on outside of me, I thought. How difficult an assignment that was.  Despite the beauty all around I found it hard to focus on and really feel the silence too; it reminded me that spending a lot of time working and getting wrapped up in ‘every-day’ life can be counter productive as it doesn’t allow any space for silence, the part of our life where the healing happens, where the creativity is born and the courage to make the next step comes from.

Living an 80/20 life means that to really get the most out of our thoughts we have to have the spaces too, the silent moments when we listen and look outside of ourselves, stilling the mental chatter that clutters us up, giving our mind time to distil out what is really important. By spending a small portion of our time enjoying the space, the silence, the re-creating, we will make the larger portion more productive.

The busier we are the more we need the space and the silence for recuperation and re-creation, regenerating us for the next step, giving space for the next creative idea – without the space the creativity is choked out, like a garden full of weeds the seedlings of beautiful flowers are overwhelmed and do not have the space to flourish.

My goal is to do some mental weeding, pulling out the thoughts that are going round and round like bindweed and to clear the ground for new ideas, allowing the ‘flowers’ of creativity to grow.

So, how does your garden grow? Have you learned to still the noise and chatter, have you found the space for new ideas and creativity – if so please tell me about it, or if my experience is similar to yours let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Patterns in the sand

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6 Responses to The Sound of Silence

  1. sue roberts says:

    yes i do agree wholeheartedly with you… at an extremely hectic part of my life i had a deep seated CRAVING to run away to the highest mountain, alone, and sit………. and think and absorb the silence around me… It didnt happen of course ha.. but like you Tina i need to make space for quiet in my daily life..
    First thing in the morning when Steve has gone to work, Hannah is in bed, the TV is OFF! i open the patio doors leading into the garden and like yourself listen to the early morning chorus and absorb the stillness. Loveleeeeee…. Then im ready for the ministry and my day ahead..
    Thankyou for your blogs.
    Take care both of you and keep up the good work

    • 8020living says:

      Hi Sue, thank you for your thoughts. When we designed our house here we had French doors put in the bedroom so that in a morning I can open them up and enjoy the beauty of the garden with the sun coming up, it really is the best way to start the day, listening to the birds, I love it – we have a spare room, come and visit sometime, love Tina

  2. Liz Cunningham says:

    These comments have really made me think about making some quiet time to sit and listen to the birds. I used to be able to get up in the morning really early and have time to myself but as I’ve got older I seem to be better in the evenings. But I think I need to try and get up early in the mornings, sit on the patio and listen to the birds in the garden. I haven’t been well today so have stayed in bed all day. I got up and looked out of the window to see about 20 small birds, blue tits, coal tits, yellow tits, all enjoying the food I put out for them and then a squirrel sees the nuts, climbs up the bird food stand but then realises he can’t get at them! So I went down and put some nuts out on the ground for him – he hasn’t come back yet but the magpies are enjoying them!!

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