How Green is Your Fridge?

Alkalising Fruits and Vegetables

By asking how green your fridge is I don’t mean what colour is it, or is it eco friendly and doesn’t destroy the ozone – no, what I really mean is what have you got inside, because generally speaking what we have inside our fridges ends up inside us, unless we don’t get round to using it and it ends up in the bin.

So, if you have healthy green vegetables and salads in your fridge the chances are at some point they will end up feeding you – so honestly what do you have in your fridge?

Taking the 80/20 principal and applying it to our shopping trolley and ultimately the fridge ideally we would be buying 80% fresh vegetables and salads and just 20% would make up the rest – how many of us can say that is true of our buying habits?  If we start off in the right position, it’s highly likely we will end up in the right place – if we don’t start off buying the right foods that are going to feed and energise us, how are we  going to end up in the place we want to be, healthy and energised?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to eating well that I encounter with clients is what to eat – they come in from a day at work and on opening the fridge door feel overwhelmed – one side of them wants to eat healthily, the other side is lacking the inspiration when they stare at the shelves, and then lacking the motivation to try and make something of what is there.

I am suggesting then, that to eat right we have to buy right, making good choices on the shop floor, then with a little forward planning those ‘what can I eat’ moments ideally will disappear, or at least become less.  It’s true to say that many would not be inspired by a fridge full of veg, to start with there’s all the preparation, isn’t there? Our experience is  ‘keep it simple, but dress it up.’  So, look out for simple dishes with dressy sauces, we’ll be posting ideas in the future.

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2 Responses to How Green is Your Fridge?

  1. Liz Cunningham says:

    In order to try and eat ‘green’ I bought some sugar snap peas and put them in my salad – they were lovely! They really had a clean, fresh, crisp taste and I enjoyed them so much that now I buy them, wash them and trim the ends off and keep them in the fridge so that when I come in from work and am hungy these are ready to eat. I also bought some curly kale, steamed it and sprinkled it with soy sauce which added a bit of a different flavour – lovely. I am continuing to strive to eat more greens and to encourage my husband to as well.

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