Fairy Cakes and Hangman

There’s nothing quite like a bunch of young teenagers in the house to brighten things up a bit 

– and even better when they feel comfortable enough to invite themselves round. 

It all started with Fabian asking, after the meeting on friday night, if he could come and visit us, it was arranged for the following day, he must have told his friend Eric….

as Eric also asked if he could come too.

Then when Lavinia asked me what I was doing for the afternoon and I said I was making cakes since Fabian and Eric were coming, she asked if she could come and learn how to make cakes…..

And Lavinia didn’t come alone, Alan, her brother came too.

So, quite by accident a tea party developed out of nothing. Alan went to the corner house and bought a bottle of pop and the cakes, fresh and still warm from the oven were put centre stage. Diederich, the youngest member of our party, was invited from the house opposite to join in the fun.

We found suitable scraps of paper in the shopping list pile and a game of Hangman kept us all entertained for some time.

How lovely it was to enjoy the simple pleasures of life,  watching young ones appreciate the value of good conversation and friendships across the generations. 

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