The Wonder of Wellies

The rains have started and the wellies have come out again – not the sort you generally see around here I agree but oh how practical, and comfy too.

Yesterday was the heaviest downpour so far this year and logged 2 inches in one hour in our rain gauge, fresh from UK.

In no time at all the back patio was flowing like a river, as was the lane out the front – but within half an hour of the rain stopping the flood had as good as disappeared, so remarkably quickly does the ground here absorb water.  Wellies are still highly useful though as the main lane up through the village is usually very muddy this time of the year as the washing water gets thrown there too, day after day, so the ground is already saturated.

What I love about Nicaragua is if I choose to go out with flowery wellies and a skirt on, nobody bats an eyelid, and if they do behind my back I can get away with it since after all I’m foreign aren’t I, what do you expect?

Wellies are handy too when it comes to taking the dog a walk through the coffee fields, the weeds are growing rapidly now in the humid weather and the boots give my legs protection. Sadly though Mutt doesn’t have his own boots, so we are back to having to make sure the security gate on the back door is always closed, otherwise he comes in fresh from a bout of mutting in the garden and skids muddy feet all across the tiled floor – I’m so glad they don’t use carpets here, I can’t imagine the mess we’d get in.

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