Diet and Diabetes

This morning I went to visit Norma, our local breadmaker, for her Bible study we have together.  She is an elderly lady who recently lost her sister – they had lived together for many years and ran the bakery, a wonderfully rustic place with a huge wood-fired oven that has to be seen to be believed.

While I was waiting for Norma to finish getting herself ready I got into conversation with a visitor, Rosa Esmiralda Espinosa (everyone in our neighbourhood is either an Espinosa or a Mendietta and many of them are both.) Rosa had called by Norma’s to borrow some blood pressure tablets as she had run out and didn’t have the money to buy some more.

Blood pressure in this country is a serious problem, affecting even the younger ones, along with that there is an exceptionally high incidence of diabetes – limbs are regularly being surgically removed, and people are dying prematurely as a result of both illnesses.

Another major health issue we have noticed here is kidney problems and we frequently come across people regularly taking antibiotics –  when talking with such people we learn that coffee and coke are their preferred fluid intake and very little, if any, water.

My natural curiosity, due to my secular work, is aroused every time I come across any of these problems and Rosa was no exception to the pattern I have noticed – she never drinks water, doesn’t like it, only drinks coffee or coke. Her diet, like the majority here consists of rice (white) and beans, for every meal,  – by that I mean breakfast too, with eggs, chicken or pork included once a day, also fried or boiled plantain and white bread.  Like the majority, Rosa hardly ever eats any vegetables but consumes a little fruit.

As someone who is interested in 80/20 living  and getting the most out of life I couldn’t wait for Tim to get his microscope turned on so that we could have a look at the blood of a typical Nicaraguan and see what was going on – what does the blood of someone on this kind of diet look like?

Here are some pictures, and sadly as we expected things aren’t good…

The above picture shows evidence of yeast – the small white balloons, – ‘rafts of junk,’ and pleomorphic red blood cells, ‘bottle-caps,’ indicating breakdown of the cells due to general acidosis. Rod bacteria can be seen left of centre and the fine lines indicate fibrin, involved in blood clotting, can be due to internal bleeding.

 This shot, of the same persons blood, shows the strangely shaped red cells due to compromised blood pH along with the ‘junk rafts’ and the fine lines of fibrin and ‘balloons’ of yeast.

Interestingly, on the subject of diabetes being linked with diet, especially too much rice, I was sent a BBC report by a good friend in Gloucester about two years ago, click HERE to see the report, I think you will find it interesting.

P.S. We will be back in UK in July with the microscope, if you would like to see your blood and get to know how to improve it’s quality, let us know.

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